Information. Education. Leadership.

Nonprofits are central to improving quality of life. They meet needs, solve problems, educate citizens, drive economic growth, provide leadership, offer civic engagement, and collaborate with others for a common good. In good times and bad, nonprofits are at the center of our communities.

At NPO Centric, our commitment is to being at the center of all things nonprofit – providing the most current information and resources, offering essential education and training, and building and strengthening leadership and sustainability.

Our Key Accomplishments.

  • 500+ nonprofits helped
  • $5 Million+ increased funding for our clients
  • 4,700+ hours of training provided by experts
  • 24/7 support and guidance available
  • Expansive, supportive network of nonprofits and experts
  • Platinum Seal of Transparency earned from GuideStar

Our Members.

The majority of our members are Executive Directors and CEOs, aspiring Nonprofit Founders, Board Members, Directors of Development, Fundraisers, and Major Gifts Officers.

Our members organizations change lives in our communities and beyond. Our member nonprofits feed the hungry, assist the homeless, protect the environment, supply critical care services, provide access to arts and culture, offer employment assistance, preserve history and heritage, advance education, promote literacy, deliver opportunities to individuals with disabilities, support victims of abuse, rescue animals, and so much more.

Our History.

Sparked by civic vision recognizing how vital nonprofits are in strengthening our communities, the Regional Access Project Foundation (RAP) identified a need for programs and services that would empower nonprofits to become more efficient and effective. Nonprofit Organization Centric (NPO Centric) was founded in 2016 to provide essential tools, knowledge, and skills to help nonprofits build their capacity and become vibrant and sustainable organizations.

NPO Centric is an extensive online platform for nonprofit leaders providing resources and training, as well as a vital community resource center located in Riverside County, California.

Our Mission.

NPO Centric strengthens nonprofit effectiveness by providing essential tools, knowledge, and skills that nonprofits need to maximize their results and achieve their missions to better serve their clients.

Our Values.

Cutting Edge

We strive to stay up-to-date on technologies to enhance the experience for nonprofits.


We deliver services nonprofits can depend on, with all the industry knowledge and expertise one would expect from a top consulting agency.


We make helping nonprofits grow our life's work and show that philosophy every day in our eager and lively company culture.

Our Work.

NPO Centric builds strong, resilient nonprofit organizations by providing powerful tools, training, and resources that increase capacity and sustainability and maximize impact. The online training and resources are focused on starting, growing, funding, promoting, and scaling nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

The online membership portal contains:

  • Toolkits
  • Checklists
  • How-to videos
  • eBooks
  • Guidelines
  • Best practices from around the country
  • Sample documents and templates
  • Online discussion groups
  • Wide range of other resources to help nonprofit leaders and board members

In short, we strengthen and educate nonprofits so they can thrive and succeed.

Training sessions are focused in all areas of nonprofit management, including:

  • development and fundraising
  • grants research and management
  • financial management
  • capacity building
  • systems and processes
  • board recruitment and governance
  • communications, marketing, and branding
  • human resources
  • strategic planning
  • technology and compliance
  • volunteer management
  • leadership development and coaching
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our Impact.

NPO Centric has more than 1100 nonprofit members and welcomes any 501(c)(3) nonprofit to join. Member organizations have budgets ranging from $20,000 to over $7 million and 80% of the individuals served by these organizations live under the Federal poverty level. Further, our programs and services have benefited over 25,000 individuals comprised of the staffs of the member organizations and their clients.

NPO Centric has helped nonprofit organizations fulfill their missions, increase their capacity, allocate more funding to programs to provide operational savings, and ultimately further their sustainability. We have done this by providing expert training, resources, national best practices, one-on-one coaching, and collaborative partnerships, including with the Association of Fundraising Professionals (Desert Communities Chapter).

Of member nonprofits surveyed, 99% of respondents believe that NPO Centric is having a positive impact on the nonprofit sector and 98% indicated they would share the information they gained with others.

NPO Centric’s strength is the quality of its programs and services and their ability to be tailored to match nonprofit organizations and their staffs with cutting edge information, knowledge, and professional skills. We are committed to using the latest in technology and the most current information to provide up-to-date and timely resources and training. In the last four years, NPO Centric has provided more than 4,700 hours of training from experts in the field and national professional consultants.

In addition to training and coaching sessions, NPO Centric actively engages members through an online, members-only private discussion group. We maintain a wide-ranging, interactive presence on social media, providing quick tips, news, and relevant information on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

For more information about NPO Centric and our programs and services, please visit our website at

For questions, please contact us using the information below.