Training Your Nonprofit Board to Tell Stories for Fundraising

The Nonprofit Hero Factory: Episode 41 Training Your Nonprofit Board to Tell Stories for Fundraising, with Stephanie Minor

In this Episode:

Is your nonprofit board making the most of your stories to connect others to your work? We know the power of stories to build empathy, understanding and connection to others. It’s critical to fundraising and nonprofit success as a whole.

Your board is likely made up of intelligent, successful individuals who care deeply about your work. Chances are, however, their backgrounds are not in storytelling for fundraising. So how do you equip them with the knowledge and skills to share your stories with the world and raise more money for your work?

Stephanie Minor of NPO Centric helps nonprofits with capacity building and board training. She joins The Nonprofit Hero Factory on the show to share her strategies and best practices to help your board get on board with storytelling.