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Want To Make the Most Out of Your AmazonSmile Account? Here’s How.



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The AmazonSmile program aims to give back to charitable organizations across the United States by allowing customers to donate a portion of their total purchase price to the nonprofit of their choice. 

So how does it work? And how can you make the most of your AmazonSmile account? 

Two figures have been constructed out of small Japanese Amazon shipping boxes. The larger one holds open a third box, out of which a smaller, childlike figure emerges. AmazonSmile for nonprofits is a great way to bring in more donations!

What is AmazonSmile for Nonprofits?

Since its inception in 2014, the AmazonSmile Foundation has donated nearly $200 million to eligible nonprofits—all from purchases through its dedicated website at Though the URL is different, users can find the same products and services they’d find at, as well as the same prices. 

When users shop via the AmazonSmile website, they have the option of donating 0.5 percent of their purchase price to the eligible charitable organization of their choice. 

There’s no cost to shoppers or organizations to use AmazonSmile, and no fees are charged or taken out of donations.

Setting Up Your AmazonSmile Account

It’s easy to get your nonprofit set up on AmazonSmile. 

Official organizational representatives—usually an executive director, board president, treasurer, or someone else with financial responsibility for the nonprofit—can visit, and complete a simple application.

AmazonSmile doesn’t send checks, so you’ll need to enter your bank account information if you want to receive donations made on your behalf. 

If you don’t sign up for the program, shoppers can still select your organization as the recipient of their donation—but you won’t be able to receive the funds until you sign up for an administrator account and submit and verify your financial information.

Making the Most of AmazonSmile for Nonprofits

Managing your account is easy and straightforward via your administrator account. There are specialty programs you can take advantage of as a nonprofit administrator—namely the Spotlight Charities and AmazonSmile Charity Lists programs.

Spotlight Charities are just what they sound like: AmazonSmile features nonprofit organizations to receive charitable donations. To apply, you must be a member in good standing of the AmazonSmile program. 

The AmazonSmile Charity Lists program allows you, as an administrator, to create a list of items your organization needs and set up the page with your organization’s logo, information, and other branding. Supporters can purchase those items via the AmazonSmile website and have them shipped directly to your organization. They can also make donations directly to your organization through this program.

Promote Your Nonprofit’s AmazonSmile Profile

You can make the most of your AmazonSmile account by promoting and sharing your link everywhere you can! 

This includes on your website, via your social media channels, and through your email marketing list. Encourage your followers to save your link in their browser’s bookmarks bar—this will help them remember to navigate to whenever they want to make a purchase.

On social media, you can use the hashtag #StartWithASmile to get in front of even more pairs of eyes! Anyone who clicks the hashtag has the chance to see your post—whether or not they’ve been affiliated with your organization before. 

More Donations for Your Nonprofit… Easy! 

When funding is scarce, and nonprofits are expected to do even more with fewer resources, every single donation counts—no matter how small.

Signing up for the AmazonSmile program can help your supporters give to your organization at no further expense to them or you!

Want to learn more about using the AmazonSmile program for your nonprofit organization? Join NPO Centric’s online membership program for more great resources and a network of nonprofits leaders just like you!