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4 Ways To Get Your Board Members Engaged More So That Your Nonprofit Can Raise More



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Engaged Board Members Are The Best Fundraisers.  

Research shows that when Board Members are engaged, nonprofits raise more money.  That seems pretty obvious, right? Yet, oftentimes, we don’t make it a priority to make sure that our Board is engaged! This is understandable because we are all so busy, but we need to take the time to foster engagement. It is a worthwhile endeavor! Here are four things you can do to increase Board engagement and ultimately raise more money for your nonprofit.

#1 - Keep The Lines of Communication Open

Start your Board members off on the right foot with an onboarding orientation that outlines your nonprofit’s goals, mission, expectations, policies, timelines, and administrative practices.  Provide them with a calendar and frequent updates.  The more transparency and communication you provide, the more they will communicate back with you and the other Board members in return.

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#2 - Consistently Reach Out

Schedule meetings, emails, and telephone calls to consistently connect with and keep your Board engaged.  When making these connections, share updates, challenges, successes and highlight industry news.

By consistently reaching out, you are engaging your Board and giving them timely and relevant things to talk about with their own network which can easily lead to more supporters and ultimately funds for your nonprofit organization.

#3 - Invest In Building Relationships With Your Board Members

Host an annual and/or quarterly retreat, outings, and virtual gatherings to stay connected. This time can also be used to begin to build relationships beyond the Board.  Make sure you include activities that require personal icebreakers so your Board members get a chance to get to know each other beyond the surface.  

#4 - Provide Feedback and Celebrate Their Accomplishments

Provide consistent feedback for your Board members. Feedback helps to create engagement and strong connections.  On a larger scale, schedule an annual review of the Board’s accomplishments as a unit and also individually.  Research creative ways to show your praise for their accomplishments and turn it into a celebration, if you like.  

The level of your engagement has a direct impact on how engaged your Board members will be.  If you set the tone, take the initiative, consistently communicate and actively take steps to nurture your Board members, you will see engagement increase.  

For more information on getting your Board Members engaged and raising more funds, download your 3 Tactics to Transform Any Board Member Into A Fundraiser, including scripts, worksheets, and action item lists to get your Board "on board" and fundraising fast below!