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Four Ways To Level Up Your End of Year Giving Campaign



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Four Ways To Level Up Your End of Year Giving Campaign

If you’re reading this, you already know the importance of a nonprofit holiday appeal. 

And if you’re not sure, try this on for size: up to a third of all donations to nonprofit organizations happen during the holiday season. Some nonprofits can raise up to 50 percent of their annual revenue across these months alone.

An end of year giving campaign is a big opportunity for any nonprofit. Here are four year-end campaign ideas to knock your holiday appeal out of the park this year.

1. Set a Realistic Timeline for Your Holiday Appeal

Your end of year giving is a campaign, and campaigns often have lots of moving pieces. The avenues and strategies you choose can mean the difference between a wildly successful year-end campaign and a total flop.

You can incorporate many different activities into a holiday appeal. Everything from a traditional mailing to a social media campaign or a series of events can play a role.

But success also means choosing wisely. Every activity you choose will need to be created, reviewed, executed on, and promoted. 

So look at your calendar. Think through the what and plot out the when. What does each activity entail? Understand what you realistically have time for – and then focus fully on those activities.

2. Speak Directly to Your Donors

You can write a generic fundraising letter that talks about your nonprofit’s work this year. You need donations now more than ever, right? It can be easy to write an appeal if you’re focused solely on your organization’s needs.

But effective fundraising focuses on the donor

So who are your donors? What will they find compelling about your work this past year? What will excite them most about your future plans?

Don’t forget to personalize even further for major and VIP donors. The more you target and refine your messaging, the better!

3. Gather the Right Materials for Your Holiday Appeal

Each activity for your end of year giving campaign should look and feel like pieces of a cohesive whole. This means being intentional about the images and copy you’ll include.

Choose a handful of photos you’ll use consistently across mediums. Make sure you have all applicable media releases and licenses.

Create any graphics you’ll use online or in print for direct mailings or event signage. Then list your talking points, success stories, and taglines you’ll repeat throughout your campaign. 

Make sure your images and copy are engaging and speak to your audience.

4. Update Your Thank-You’s

Thank-you letters, tax receipts, and celebratory emails are musts when it comes to concluding your end of year giving campaign. Don’t just use your standard materials – create unique versions that reflect the themes of this year’s campaign.

Include videos, phone messages, and handwritten thank-you notes, all in a similar style. Take the opportunity to let your donors know just how far their gifts will go.

It’s important to celebrate your fundraising wins and let your donors in on the fun to keep them coming back for more!

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

It’s important to know which fundraising techniques work best for your organization – and it’s also important to try new things, too! 

Don’t be afraid to incorporate creative year-end campaign ideas into your fundraising this holiday season…

Just make sure to evaluate your success along the way!

Want more tips and tricks for growing your end of year giving campaign? NPO Centric’s membership program features trainings and resources focused on starting, growing, funding, promoting, and scaling a nonprofit organization. We’re waiting to welcome you!