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5 Reasons To Use Google Drive As Your Nonprofit’s File Storage Solution



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5 Reasons To Use Google Drive As Your Nonprofit’s File Storage Solution

Google Drive for nonprofits is a low-cost file storage solution. In this photo, we see the Google Drive app open on a smartphone in a man's hand.

Google Drive is a great option for nonprofits who want universal access to organizational documents at a low price point. 

And signing up for Google Drive is easy—in fact, if you've already got a Google account, then you've already got access to Drive, as well!

Here are five reasons to consider Google Drive for your nonprofit’s file storage and collaboration.

Google Drive is a Low-Cost Option for Nonprofits

With the Google for Nonprofits program, you'll receive 30GB of free storage space and up to 2,000 users. 

There are also options to upgrade for a nominal fee; and if you're someone who likes the easy-backup options of Google Photos, or you're storing a lot of video or similarly-large files, you might find you need to. Google's Business Standard and Business Plus plans are great options for nonprofit organizations at a fraction of the price of other storage solutions.

Google Drive Files Are Easy to Access From Anywhere

Google Drive does have a desktop app—but all you really need to access Google Drive is an internet connection.

This means you can pull up any stored document from any device on the fly, instead of having to rush back to the office to grab information you forgot to print and bring with you! 

A mobile app is also available for Android and iOS and allows for document creation, editing, and sharing with others.

No More Losing Documents With Past Versions

Google Drive allows you to see a document's entire revision history. This means that you have access to all of the information contained within a document forever—even if it’s been a week since you deleted that paragraph of your grant application you swore you wouldn't need. (We’ve all been there!)

This can also be a helpful feature when it comes to team editing. If someone gets a little overzealous and deletes or changes too much, you can also go back to a past version of the document and restore what’s missing.

Collaborative Editing Means No More Version Creep

We're all too familiar with hard drives full of different versions of the same document—trying to edit with an entire team can be a deep dive into chaos!

Google Drive allows collaborative editing of files and even has its own version of Track Changes that can be used to collect feedback and suggestions. 

Group editing can happen in real time, too—ideal for editing together at a meeting or taking notes during a community conversation.

Set Permissions for Viewing, Commenting, and Editing

Anyone can see your documents on Google Drive—or no one can. It's up to you! 

Google Drive has a variety of sharing options to select from, and they're folder- or document-specific. You can set a file to private and only visible to you; visible or editable for invited guests; or accessible to anyone on the internet who has the document's unique link.

A Solution for the Whole Team

Many organizations take advantage of the Gmail portion of the Google for Nonprofits program—but many still use external file-sharing options, like a local server or cloud service like Dropbox. 

But Google Drive has the functionality of other options with the benefit of being easy and accessible for users of all levels. This makes it a great option for small to midsize nonprofits who need low-cost solutions that truly work for their team!

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