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5 Quick Tips To Create a Monthly Giving Program For Your Nonprofit



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Monthly giving programs have become essential to nonprofits, offering a foundation for your nonprofit's steady and predictable income. In fact, many nonprofits with established monthly giving programs are able to rely on monthly giving subscriptions to cover their regular monthly expenses.

But with so many giving programs trying to catch the attention of donors, it can be pretty hard to stand out from the crowd.

That is why we gathered five essential tips for creating an excellent monthly giving program that will help your nonprofit attract donors. Take a look at them below:

Set a target

Set a reasonable expectation on how many monthly donors you want
to reach so that you can track your progress and see if you’re on the right path.

Your target number will depend on your current number of donors, your relationship with those donors, the amount of time you can spend working on your monthly giving program, and other factors. No matter what the target is for how many monthly donors you want to acquire each month, make sure you use SMART goals to keep you on track. (Special, Measured, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based)

Form a community

Focus on creating a community group for your regular monthly donors, and it can benefit your nonprofit in three ways:

  • This will engage your donors and increase the amount of their donation;
  • It will make them feel appreciated, so they will more likely extend their subscription;
  • It will act as an encouragement for new donors to join and be a part of the club.

You can build a community by creating a group specifically for your monthly donors. You can also highlight all the monthly donors on your website by posting their names and photos.

Help Your Monthly Donors Discover Your Program

Be sure that your monthly donor program stands out by placing it in a clear spot on your nonprofit's website for everyone to see.

Additionally, be sure that you frequently promote your campaign using a mix of direct mail, social media, e-newsletters, etc.

Create a campaign video

Engage your subscribers to join your monthly giving program by using video to engage them. The use of video gives you an excellent opportunity to dive deep and explain your program. These videos do not have to be high-tech. You can simply use your phone and have a staff member or a member of your Board of Directors speak directly to the phone’s camera. They can talk about how your mission impacts people's lives and how by making a monthly contribution, donors can help to multiply your impact. In these videos, be sure to mention how easy it is to join the program and outline all of the benefits associated with being part of your monthly giving program. With the use of video, your donors will feel even more connected with your nonprofit, and they will get to know various members of staff or your Board of Directors. It is a win-win!

Convert one-time donors into monthly subscribers

If people are already prepared to donate to your nonprofit, they're more likely to begin a regular subscription. Send emails to your donors to let them know how much they mean to you and ask them to consider joining your monthly giving program.  

Be sure to include details about the program and a call to action with a link for them to sign up. Make the process simple and easy. Be sure to quickly follow up with a thank you and ask your new monthly donors if they have any questions about the program, and answer those questions right away.