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6 Nonprofit Social Media Strategies To Help You Build A Stronger Connection With Your Audience



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Setting up a business page for your nonprofit on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter is a start but not enough to build awareness, dial in an audience, connect with potential sponsors and volunteers, and create a community of supporters for your nonprofit organization.  

social media strategies for nonprofits

While you don’t have to jump into paid advertising, there are a few free strategies that your nonprofit can begin implementing to gain traction for your mission.  

Commit to Consistency.  Showing up consistently will allow the public to become familiar with your nonprofit’s message and mission.  Engagement begins when you are there to engage.  Create a content calendar, post daily, and respond to comments.  To take things up a notch, share your posts and content so that you have more reach.

Educate.  Fill the knowledge gap by being an educator when it comes to your mission and cause.  You can educate by blogging, vlogging, podcasting, hosting webinars and informational sessions, and sharing long-form social media posts.  Education is the bridge between your nonprofit and potential donors, sponsors, volunteers, and program participants.

Engage.  The best way to build engagement is to ask your audience a question when creating your posts and content.  Give them something to respond to.  Ask for opinions.  Ask them to share their experience.  Don’t make your questions too complex to answer.  Keep it straight forward and light.

Entertain.  Remember that social media is “social” so don’t forget to sprinkle in some fun on a weekly basis.

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Inspire. Create posts that will inspire your audience.  This can be a quote, a photo, a statement.  It would be ideal if it was directly related to your mission but if it is not, don’t overthink it.  Everyone loves to be inspired.  Remember, you’re building a relationship so being multi-dimensional is perfectly fine.

Invite.  Create posts that invite your audience to take a step closer to you and your nonprofit organization.  This can mean a post that invites your sponsors and/or volunteers to download your sponsor and/or volunteer packet or an informational guide on the benefits of donating and/or volunteering.  

nonprofit social media strategies