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6 Ways Nonprofits Can Show Love to Donors On Social Media



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It's almost February, and love is in the air! Nonprofits should jump right in and show and encourage love.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day! It's a notable holiday for nonprofits because it deals with passion, feelings, and matters of the heart.  Most people donate their money and time because they want to help and believe in a cause.  

Giving just feels good!  Making an impact feels great!  There’s a sense of connection when you contribute to a cause as a collective.  

But, your nonprofit doesn’t have to wait until Valentine's Day to take your donors’ gratification levels up several notches.  You can shower them with public displays of love and appreciation right now -- on social media that is!   Here’s how:  

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Say Thank You

Create a video or take a snapshot of your team, your cause, your volunteers, and/or your donors in action.  Create a personal thank you message with the video or snapshot specifically for your donor expressing how their contribution impacted your cause.

Show Support

Get to know your donors and gather important dates so that you can give them a shout out to celebrate them.  Is there an upcoming birthday, anniversary, business accomplishment?  Build the connection by showing your donors mutual support and love for things that matter to them.

Spread Their Message

Show your nonprofit’s interest in what your donors have to say by sharing their posts and content.  If it doesn’t conflict with your organization’s mission and message, hit the share button every now and then.  

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Hit the Like and Follow Button

Visit your donor’s business pages and/or public profiles to make sure you like and/or follow.  This will let them know that you have an interest in them and what they’re up to.

Highlight Your Donors and Volunteers

Add your nonprofit’s donor highlights to your social media calendar.  They’ll love you for it, and you’ll attract more donors in the process.  Create a post that highlights a donor’s contribution and the impact it makes.  If you have a photo or video of the donor, the project, and/or the impact, use it in your nonprofit’s social media post.  

Invite Your Donors to Live Interviews and/or Panels

Create an opportunity for your donors to join in on the discussion to discuss their why, the impact they want to make, the experience they have while donating their time and/or money to your organization, tips for other donors, and more.  Your donors are the heartbeat of your organization.  Hearing your donor’s personal story and experience will tap into the hearts of other potential donors.  

NPO Centric knows how important it is to shower your nonprofit’s donors with love.  We curated this special bundle of stock photos that your nonprofit can use to thank donors, volunteers, and supporters on social media.