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Funding Available For Legal Issues



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The Desert Legal Foundation (DLF) was originally formed for the purpose of helping people, especially those who had been treated unfairly by their employers; it evolved into an organization that potentially helped anyone who was being taken advantage of by an employer. A modest funding amount set up by former County Supervisor Patricia "Corky" Larson, founding Board Member Richard Cromwell III, and investor/philanthropist T. Boone Pickens, was parlayed into legal interdiction by the Foundation.

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Although DLF disbanded, their Board of Directors made up of Corky Larson, Aurora Wilson, Richard Cromwell III, Sue Stedding and Michael O'Connor voted unanimously to give their remaining funds of approximately $40,000 to RAP in the hope that the money will be used by nonprofits facing legal issues.

This grant will allow RAP to increase its NPO Centric resources meant to develop nonprofits' capacity to serve their clients. While NPO Centric currently provides full or partial financial assistance for consultants with expertise in a particular area (for example Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Marketing Nonprofits, etc.) up until now its consultant pool did not include attorneys.

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However, a nonprofit can now apply to NPO Centric for financial assistance if it is in need of addressing legal issues such as, but not limited to: Formulating Bylaws, Addressing Nepotism, Conflicts of Interest, Creating MOUs to Merge Nonprofits and Board Development. For more information on how to apply for this funding, contact NPO Centric Director Stephanie Minor by email at

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