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Fundraising For Nonprofits Just Got Easier On Instagram



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Instagram just launched a new way for its users to fundraise for nonprofits amid the coronavirus pandemic! Anyone using Instagram Live can now create fundraisers while they are live streaming. These fundraisers can be done with one user or with several for a virtual telethon type of experience.

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The Instagram "Live Donations" feature can be used to create fundraisers for over a million nonprofits.  100% of the money raised goes DIRECTLY to the nonprofit! Instagram is not taking a portion of the funds raised, as is common on other fundraising platforms.

How To Use The New Donation Feature

To use the new donation feature on live videos, users can either tap the camera in the top left of the Instagram Feed or swipe right in the Feed. Next, tap “Live” at the bottom of the screen, and then select “Fundraiser.” The final step in this part of the process is for users to select the nonprofit they want to support.

Fundraising users can see how many people are supporting their fundraisers and the amount of money they raise in real-time. By tapping, "View," users can see a further breakdown of the donors including their donation amounts. The fundraisers can give their supporters live shout-outs during their broadcast by tapping, "Wave." Donors and fundraisers unlock a special "I donated!" sticker.

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What Nonprofits Need To Do To Be Eligible For These Donations

Savvy nonprofits know that social media and social platforms are one the most common ways people are connecting with each other during the coronavirus pandemic. It's important for nonprofits to quickly sign up for Charitable Giving Tools on Instagram via Facebook, as soon as possible.  (Remember, Facebook owns Instagram, so that is why you will be directed to Facebook for this process.) Here is a link:

To raise money on Instagram, your nonprofit must:

  • Enroll and be approved to use Facebook Charitable Giving Tools.
  • Switch to an Instagram business account, if you haven't already.
  • Link your nonprofit's Instagram business account with your nonprofit's verified Facebook Page.
  • If this is your first time linking to your Page or enrolling with Facebook Charitable Giving Tools, check to make sure that people are able to add donation stickers on Instagram for your nonprofit. You can do this by clicking Publishing Tools at the top of your Facebook Page and selecting Donation Settings below Fundraisers. Click to check the box next to Allow people to add donation stickers on Instagram Stories and click Save.

You'll need 3 things to complete an application to receive donations on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. A PDF copy of a bank statement from the last 3 months (you will need to upload this as part of the application). Submitting a statement that is older than 3 months will cause a delay in your application being approved.
  2. The name and date of birth of your organization's CEO or Executive Director.
  3. Your organization's tax ID number (EIN or VAT number), which verifies your charitable tax exemption status.

The application must be completed in full and progress cannot be saved. Please ensure you have the required information and documentation before you get started. (Source: Facebook)

To complete the application, click the downward arrow next to your nonprofit or charity organization page. Then, proceed to "Donations Account Setup."


Spread The Word

Follow the instructions and finish up the process! Be sure to let your donors and supporters know that they can raise funds for your nonprofit on Facebook and Instagram. 

Pin this image below and reference it later when you want to plan your fundraising strategy on Instagram.