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How To Promote Your Nonprofit's Monthly Giving Program



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So you’re sold on setting up a Monthly Giving Program for your nonprofit.  But now you’re wondering how you’ll get the word out and market it.  There are a few ways you can easily get started marketing your Monthly Giving Program.  Here’s how:  

1) Send promotional emails to current donors.  If you don’t already have a CRM with the contact list of your current donors, now is a great time to invest in one.  (There are low-cost and even free CRMs available!) You can send all of your current donors an email blast that introduces them to your new Monthly Giving Program.  Make sure you provide details about your program, the benefits of joining, and how they can join.  

2) Schedule personal outreach calls to current donors.  These calls are the personal touch and follow-up most modern marketing campaigns are missing to reach the end goal.  You can leverage others from your organization to help with this personal outreach campaign.  Use this opportunity to personally thank your donors for the contributions they have made in the past, provide them with an update on the impact your organization has made because of donors just like them, and introduce your Monthly Giving Program and the benefits.  

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3) Reach out to past volunteers.  Similar to steps 1-2 above, reach out to your past volunteers by email and personal telephone call (or direct messenger) to:

  1. Thank them for all of the time, energy, and effort they donated to help your cause by volunteering
  2. Provide an update on the impact your organization has made to date
  3. Inform them about your new Monthly Giving Program and the benefits of enrolling.  

4) Create a social media campaign that contains:  

  • Social Media posts and ads (written and video) about:  
  • Your organization and the impact you have
  • Your donors and the impact they make
  • Your volunteers and the impact they make
  • Your Monthly Giving Program, the benefits, and the overall impact it will have on your cause and mission.
  • Make sure you include a call to action for every post within your campaign that prompts the reader and/or viewer to provide their contact information in exchange for a gift and/or additional information.  
  • Send your new subscribers information about your organization, the impact, and the steps on how they can become involved.  Make sure you include information about your Monthly Giving Program, the benefits, and how they can enroll.  

Similar to marketing for any business, product, and/or service, the following tips will help your campaign improve with time:  

  • Keep track and analyze what works so that you can do more of that.
  • Look for communication gaps and fill them in with whatever makes the most sense (i.e., does it make the most sense to make a phone call, send an email, and/or a social media broadcast).
  • Put yourself in your donor’s shoes and highlight how participating in the Monthly Giving Program would benefit them.  
  • Offer an incentive for participation in the Monthly Giving Program.  
  • Publicly thank and acknowledge the donors who signup to participate in the Monthly Giving Program.  This attention will attract more participants.  
  • Be consistent.